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Product Name Positive CTCP Plate (UV-CTP)
Thickness 0.15-0.30mm
Spectral Sensitivity 370-405nm
Laser Energy Required 50-80mj/cm2
Resolution 2-98%@200lpi
Developer Temperature 23±2°C (same developer as PS plate)
Develop Time 30±5seconds
Backing Conditions 220-250°C for a Duration of 5-8 Minutes
Run Length 60,000~80,000 Impressions Unbaked, 100,000~150,000 Impressions Post-baked. Actual Run Length May Vary According to Press, Ink and Paper Conditions
Safe Light Yellow Light
Shelf Life 18 Months under Recommended Storage Conditions
Package Available in All Standard Formats Including Bulk Packaging Options.0.15mm, 100Sheets/Carton, 0.30mm, and 50Sheets/Carton
Transport and Storage Store Plates flat at normal temperature with relative humidity below 50% 
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